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28-31 мая 2014 г. в г. Эдинбург, Шотландия пройдет 36 международный конгресс Европейской герниологической ассоциации

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Обращение организаторов:

The 36th Annual International Congress of the European Hernia Society will be held in Edinburgh from 28th - 31st May 2014 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).

The 36th Congress will be building on the themes explored in previous ehs Congresses, bringing together a wide range of people interested in the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal wall abnormalities and providing a forum to discuss techniques, advances and the science of hernia repair.

The title of the meeting is “Seeking Consensus”. The challenge is to create a congress where the audience is given a greater say, where dogma is challenged and debated, fostering greater strength within the European Hernia Society. Dialogue will be encouraged through imaginative formats - plenary sessions, oral papers, poster sessions, keynote lectures, video sessions, and “meet the expert”sessions.

We will foster interaction in a number of innovative ways, making use of modern technology, allowing audience participation throughout. We believe that at the end of the meeting, we will have gathered enough information to have a clear snapshot of hernia surgery practice across Europe, to produce a “consensus document”.

Andrew de Beaux Bruce Tulloh
Joint Chairs, ehs 2014 Organising Committee